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Idioms and Phrases Practice Set 01 For CHSl/CGL/CPO

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To strain every nerve (हर तंत्रिका को तनाव देने के लिए)
(A) to make utmost efforts (अत्यंत प्रयास करने के लिए)
(B) to feel weak and tired (कमजोर और थका हुआ महसूस करना)
(C) to be a diligent worker (मेहनती कार्यकर्ता होना)
(D) to be methodical in work (काम में व्यवस्थित होना)

To flog a dead horse (एक मरे हुए घोड़े को मारने के लिए)
(A) to whip a dead horse
(B) attempt to do the possible
(C) waste one's efforts
(D) to take advantage of a weakness

To show a clean pair of heels (ऊँची एड़ी के जूते की एक साफ जोड़ी दिखाने के लिए)
(A) to hide
(C) to pursue
(B) to escape
(D) to follow

To die in harness (दोहन में मरना)
(A) premeditated murder
(B) dying young in an accident
(C) to die while in service
(D) to be taken by surprise

To feather one's nest (किसी के घोंसले को पंख देना)
(A) to make a residential house
(B) something that lasts for a short time
(C) to profit in a dishonest way
(D) none of the above

To doctor the accounts (खातों को डॉक्टर करने के लिए)
(A) to make changes in account books
(B) to clear the doctors' bill
(C) to verify the accounts in detail
(D) to manipulate the accounts

She could never measure up to her parent's expectations.(उम्मीदों पर खरा नहीं उतरना )
(A) Reach the level
(B) Work as hard
(C) Assess the amount
(D) Increase her height

The little girl with her flawless performance stole the show. (जुते  चुराना )
(A) Stole something from the show
(B) Crept into the show
(C) Won everybody's praise
(D) Disappeared from the show

The thief was on good terms with the police. (अच्छे ताल्लुकात)
(A) Kept terms and conditions
(B) Was friendly
(C) Followed the rules
(D) Agreed with them

John's offer of help was turned down by the police.(किसी भी प्रस्ताव को ठुकरा देना)
(A) Sent back
(B) Twisted around
(C) Refused
(D) Handed over

1- (A), 2- (C), 3- (B), 4- (C), 5- (C),  6-(D), 7- (A),  8- (C),  9- (B), 10- (C)

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