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SSC / Bank Filler Practice Set 01

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The…… .. of standard deduction will help the salaried class but they have to ……...... some of the benefits they are getting now.

(a) addition, use

(b) commencement, continue

(c) Presentation, keep

(d) introduction, forego

(e) influx, abdicate

The recent.. from the finance min is try doesn't fully.. …..saver concerns.

(a) explanation, resume

(b) Complication, solve

(c) Solution, Place

(d) resolution, locate

(e) clarification, address

The time is. …….... to sharply increase the …….. deposit insurance cover of 1 lakh per deposit set over two decades ago.

(a) completed, skimpy

(b) ripe, measly

(c)sound, sufficient

(d) overdue, scanty

(e) perfect, valueless.

In one of India's biggest commercial property …..., SEBI has…….. deal to buy IDBI bank seven storey office building at the Bandra kurla complex, Mumbai's prime business hub.,

(a) acquisitions, struck

(b) accretion, hurt

(c) addition, forced

(d) purchase, clashed

(e) achievement pounded

Retail inflation cooled slightly in January this year……... factory output in december grew at a robust pace, india cating sustained recovery in industrial activity after the twin. ……...of demonetisation and GST implementation

(a) as,   implementation

(b)So, break

(c) while, disruptions

(d) When, Launch

(e) unless, division


1- (B)   2- (D),    3- (B),   4- (?),  5- (C)

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