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10000+ Important History Oneliner Questions

🌀 Important History Questions 🌀

🔘 Kalibangan in Rajasthan, Lothal in Gujarat, Ropar in Punjab and Mohenjodaro in Pakistan are important sites of which ancient civilization?
➨ Indus Valley Civilization.

🔘 Which ancient civilization existed between 2350 BC and 1750 BC?
➨ Indus Valley Civilization.

🔘 Vedic period existed between?
➨ 1500 and 600 BC

🔘 The four vedas are?
➨ Rig veda, Sam veda, Yajur veda and Atharva veda.

🔘 'Satyameva Jayate' is taken from?
➨ Mundaka Upanishad.

🔘 Name the Kshatriya Prince who later came to be known as 'Buddha'?
➨ Siddhartha.

🔘 Where was Gautam Buddha born in the year 567 BC?
➨ Lumbini in Kapilavastu (Nepal).

🔘 Where did Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment?
➨ under pipal tree at Bodh Gaya.

🔘 Where did Gautam Buddha delivered his first sermon?
➨ Sarnath in U.P.

🔘 Where did Gautam Buddha died?
➨ Kushinagar in U.P.

🔘 The religious book of Buddhism is?
➨ Triptikas.

🔘 Where was Vardhamana Mahavira born?
➨ Kundagrama in 540 BC.

🔘 Vardhamana Mahavira died at?
➨ Pavapuri (present day Bihar).

🔘 Religious book of Jainism?
➨ Agam (in pali language).

🔘 Triratna concept (right knowledge, right faith and right conduct) are major teachings of?
➨ Jainism.

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