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💢  2024
🔷 International Year of Camelids    

💢  2022
🔷 International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture

💢 2020
🔷International Year of Plant Health

💢  2019
🔷International Year of Indigenous Languages
🔷International Year of Moderation  
🔷International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements 

💢  2017
🔷International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 

💢 2016
🔷International Year of Pulses  

💢 2015
🔷International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies   
🔷International Year of Soils

💢 2014
🔷International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 
🔷International Year of Small Island Developing States 
🔷International Year of Crystallography 
🔷International Year of Family Farming

💢 2013
🔷International Year of Water Cooperation  
🔷International Year of Quinoa 

💢 2012
🔷International Year of Cooperatives   
🔷International Year of Sustainable Energy for All   

💢 2011
🔷International Year for People of African Descent 
🔷International Year of Chemistry  
🔷International Year of Forests  
🔷International Year of Youth 

🔷International Year of Youth 
🔷International Year of Biodiversity   

💢 2009
🔷International Year of Reconciliation 
🔷International Year of Natural Fibres   
🔷International Year of Human Rights Learning   
🔷International Year of Astronomy  
🔷Year of the Gorilla

🔷International Year of Planet Earth 
🔷International Year of Languages 
🔷International Year of Sanitation 
🔷International Year of the Potato

💢 2007-2008
🔷International Polar Year 

💢 2006
🔷International Year of Deserts and Desertification   

💢 2005
🔷International Year of Microcredit 
🔷International Year for Sport and Physical Education 
🔷International Year of Physics   

💢 2004 
🔷International Year of Rice  

💢 2003 
🔷International Year of Freshwater

💢 2002
🔷United Nations Year for Cultural Heritage
🔷International Year of Mountains
🔷International Year of Ecotourism   

💢 2001
🔷United Nations Year of Dialogue among Civilizations
🔷International Year of Volunteers  

💢 2000
🔷 International Year of Thanksgiving 
🔷 International Year for the Culture of Peace

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