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List of Scientific Inventions and Discoveries (Part-1)

🌐 List of Scientific Inventions and Discoveries (Part-1)🌐
📣 Aeroplane➖Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright

📣 Antiseptic➖Dr. Joseph Lister

📣 Aspirin➖Dr. Felix Hoffman (Germany)

📣 Barometer➖E. Torricelli (Italy)

📣 Bicycle➖K. Macmillan (Scotland)

📣 Atom Bomb➖Julius Robert Oppenheimer

📣 Tyre➖J. B. Dunlop (Scotland)

📣 Balloon➖Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier (France)

📣 Bi-focal lens➖Benjamin Franklin (US)

📣 Bullet  Claude➖Minie (France)

📣 Chronometer➖John Harrision (England)

📣 Calculating Machine➖Pascal (France)

📣 Centrigrade scale➖A. Celsius (France)

📣 Diesel Engine➖Rudolf Diesel (Germany)

📣 Cinema➖A. L. Lumiere and J. L. Lumiere (France)

📣 Computer➖Charles Babbage (Britain)

📣 Cinematograph➖Thomas Alva Edison (US)

📣 X-ray➖W. K. Roengton (Germany)

📣 Transformer➖Michael Faraday (Britain)

📣 Thermometer➖Galileo Galilei (Italy)

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