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Top 20 Idioms and Phrases on Exams

🍗 Bone up on
Meaning: Study hard, usually in preparation for a test

🔥Burn the candle at both ends
Meaning: stay up late into the night and then get up early the next day to carry on working

🔥Burn the midnight oil
Meaning: work late into the night

🏜️Come up trumps (or turn up trumps)
Meaning: unexpectedly produce just what’s needed at the last moment

🏖️Dead cert
Meaning: Something that’s certain to happen or be achieved

⛱️Draw a blank
Meaning: fail in attempts to remember something

📝Hit the books
Meaning: begin to study hard

📖In a brown study
Meaning: daydreaming or deeply contemplative

👜In the bag
Meaning: virtually guaranteed; success assured 

🧣Keep your nose to the grindstone
Meaning: apply yourself conscientiously to your work

🧴Knuckle down
Meaning: focus on a project or a task

🎓Learn something off by heart
Meaning: learn something in such a way that you can say it from memory

🧸Make a pig’s Ear of
Meaning: botch something up; make a complete mess of something

🧼Make the Grade
Meaning: be satisfactory and of an expected level

🧣Moment of truth
Meaning: Critical or decisive time when you find out if your efforts have succeeded.
(You can relate it with Result Day)

🧺On course for
Meaning: likely to achieve something

⚖️Pass with flying colours
Meaning: do very well in a test or exam

🔦Rise to the occasion
Meaning: Manage to do something successfully in difficult circumstances

🧤Sail through
Meaning: succeed in doing something without difficulty.

🪑Study animal
Meaning: Someone who studies hard (the opposite of a party animal)

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