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Who amongst the following Mauryan rulers did conquer the Deccan?

 Who amongst the following Mauryan rulers did conquer the Deccan?

Correct Answer

The correct answer is Bindusara.

Key Points

Bindusara had conquered the Deccan to Mysore.

  • He was the son of Chandragupta Maurya of the Mauryan dynasty.
  • He was known as “Amitro Chates” to the Greeks.
  • He was interested in the Ajivika Sect of Jains.

Additional Information

  • Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of the Mauryan Empire in 321 BC by defeating Nanda's ruler, Dhananda.
    • Chandragupta ruled between 321 BC to 297 BC.
    • He was assisted by Kautilya/Chanakya.
    • He conquered the Punjab region from the southeastern edges of Alexander’s former empire.
    • He was known as "Sandrocottus" to the Greeks.
    • He adopted Jainism and went to Sravanabelagola with Bhadrabahu where he died by slow starvation.
  • Ashoka was the son of Bindusara of the Mauryan dynasty.
    • He was the first ruler to maintain direct contact with people through his inscriptions.
    • He used Brahmi, Kharoshthi languages in his inscriptions.
    • He adopted Buddhism from Upagupta.
    • The third Buddhist council held during the reign of the emperor Ashoka at his capital, Paṭaliputra.
    • He was known as "Devanampiya" and "Piyadassi".
  • Kunala was the son of Emperor Ashoka and Queen Padmavati.
    • Kunala served as the Viceroy of Taxila during the reign of his father, having been appointed to the position in 235 BC.

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